A 2023 Marist Poll is revealing key insights into Americans’ opinions on abortion six months after the June 2022 Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling.  Key takeaways include the highest percentage of respondents identifying as “pro-choice” (61% vs. 39% pro-life) in the poll than in any other year since 2009.  The 2023 poll also shows the gap continues to narrow between those who oppose using tax dollars to pay for abortions (60%) and those who support using tax dollars to pay for abortions (40%).  Previous gaps between the two positions we as high as 40 points in 2009, when opposition outweighed support by a a 68% to 38% margin. The overall trend since 2008 is increased support for abortion at any time in the first six months.

Of the many culturally troubling indicators in the 2023 Marist Poll is the growing support for aborting a baby based on Down syndrome.  In 2023, the gap is only 20 points between those who oppose the practice (60%) and those in support (40%).  As recently as 2021, that gap stood at 47 points (69% oppose vs. 22% support). 

There are positives to be found in the 2023 Marist Poll. Americans overwhelmingly oppose abortion based on gender or sex (94% vs. 6%), strongly support pregnancy resource centers (91% vs. 9%), and agree laws can protect both mothers and babies (90% vs. 10%).

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