Leading up to the Supreme Court ruling I have to admit my husband and I grew weary of the repeated rhetoric. People screaming at each other. The signs. The shouts. The constant barrage of men and women trying to condition us to believe a certain way. The conditioning grew old and tiresome. In fact, we started avoiding the national news outlets all together.

The media outlets became hypervigilant in making sure we clicked on their story and it just became too much for us. We had many conversations about how this must be affecting those who are still i wounded and trying to deal with the aftermath of abortion on their own. Our hearts ached for those who were turning on the television, opening their phones, or pushing the button for social media, constantly being reminded of their regret, shame, guilt, and sorrow. We are so sorry for your loss, and for what you have endured in this time of trying to navigate through the craziness.

The above-mentioned circumstances, chaos and confusion led us to why we want to give you three keys to consider…

  1. Be intentional about soul-care– Allow yourself the freedom to put down your phone, turn off the news, excuse yourself from the conversations. If you encounter reminders of a past abortion and they cause a heightened state of anxiety, don’t feel guilty for opting out. You will have to be intentional about it though. Decide today to do just that.
  2. Watch your words– If you have never had an abortion, it’s easy to forget about the multitude of people we encounter every day. Men, women, and family members who have been wounded by abortion. Posting comments about murder and killing is not going to draw them to you, nor will those same kinds of posts open a conversation for them to hear there is forgiveness and hope for them. Creating space for healing to begin, in turn helps people never to choose abortion again.
  3. Seek help– With everything happening in regards to the subject of abortion, we know from personal experience it can bring up old regrets. You may have had that past abortion “managed” and pushed to the recesses of your mind. But lately you are experiencing the old shame, depression, and guilt. Do not hesitate to reach out to the many abortion recovery organizations who are available to help you in a confidential, safe setting. Many of the leaders have been through abortions themselves and they can lead you into the same freedom they have experienced.

These are just three things you can do today to help others and live a more abundant life. We hope you will reach out for help.

By Sheila Harper, Founder and President of SaveOne- an international abortion recovery non-profit. To find a chapter near you or find resources for men, women, and families go to saveone.org or email them at info@saveone.org