One of the things I’d really challenge you to do in the New Year is to think more deeply about abortion in the context of what does it reveal about where our culture is at right now.  What is it saying about where hearts and minds are at?  How are we to react to these realities?  I’m sure your experience is a lot like mine, meaning, abortion is always framed in terms of election cycles, debates, legislation, referendums, and so forth. 

On a more practical level, particularly for everyone working to provide women with positive alternatives to abortion – all those heroes in the pregnancy resource center world – abortion is rightly framed in the context of how do we best serve the needs of pregnant mothers and help them choose life?  How do we offer a holistic approach?  How do we do more than just say don’t have an abortion – but actually fill the larger needs of pregnant mothers and babies.  So that’s a different and much needed perspective. And by the way – thank you to everyone who leads and volunteers and serves at pregnancy resource centers.

Far fewer people step back and absorb the view from another filter, a biblical filter, and then ask two questions: 

1. What does this say about the heart condition of our world; and

2. How can we move that in a positive direction?

That’s really what the LoveX2 Project is all about – asking those two questions and moving forward.  Now that’s a recipe for really impacting our world!

Mike Fichter is president and founder of LoveX2 and host of the LoveX2 podcast.