Serena Dyksen


Founder, She Found His Grace Abortion Recovery; Speaker and Author

6 years of experience

Areas of Experience:
  • Teen Moms
  • Abortion Healing
  • Trauma Healing

At the age of thirteen years old, Serena was raped, pregnant and taken to have an abortion. Abortion was supposed to be the answer after her trauma, but it instead tore her family apart and nearly destroyed her life. Terrible things happened behind the clinic doors. It was a terrible secret she buried for years that affected her marriage, how she parented her children and how she viewed God. At her lowest point of her life, her marriage almost ended, and she was numbing her pain with drugs and alcohol. She had an encounter that changed everything.

She is the author of She Found His Grace, her life story of healing and finding God’s grace after abortion and sexual trauma. She has a heart for every to know that it is possible to find God’s grace after abortion.  Serena is also the Founder of She Found His Grace ministry and offer’s one on one pain to purpose healing coaching and has an online abortion regret and recovery healing community.

You can find the healing group along with her new released book, She Found His Grace. You can get her book, She Found His Grace off Amazon and if you need healing after abortion go to

What others are saying:

Everyone needs to hear Serena’s story, not just pro lifers but anyone who cares about the impact abortion has.

Eric Scheidler, Prolife Action

Both a heart-wrenching and heart-warming account of a young girl and woman overcoming abortion, abuse, and near abandonment.

Rev. Don Wilkerson, Co-founder of Teen Challenge

My heart was captured by Serena Dyksen’s story from the very beginning. The challenges she faced were too much for one person to navigate. Pick up a copy today and let the revealing, compelling and captivating story of Serena’s surrender in “She Found His Grace,” restart your heart in those secret places you have locked away.

Joni Lamb, Co-founder and President of Daystar Television Network