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  • Linda Znachko

    Linda Znachko

    IN, US

    Founder, He Knows Your Name


    Linda Znachko is the founder of He Knows Your Name ministry and author of the nationally recognized and award winning book, He Knows Your Name, How One Abandoned Baby Inspired Me to Say YES to God.

    He Knows Your Name Ministry strives to ensure that every child receives a name in life and dignity and honor in death.

    Founded in 2009, He Knows Your Name is rooted in the conviction that every life is sacred to God, and that babies are worthy-whether they took a breath or not. Linda has been called, not through her credentials, but God’s equipping, to be an advocate for life, strangely enough, at the grave.

    Linda believes we have ALL been qualified by God to promote and protect life. That walking in our identity is foundational to everything else. After generations of a culture of death, we are living in a time where it is critical to value life. When we place value on life we get to the root of all cultural issues.

    Linda partners with the organization “Safe Haven Baby Boxes” and has spent the last 8 years raising awareness and educating others about the Safe Haven Law and the Safe Haven Baby Box (SHBB) program.

    Linda is a popular speaker at conferences and retreats and has been
    interviewed on The Steve Harvey Show, WISH-TV, Fox 59, WTHR, LifeToday, 3 times interviewed by “In the Market” with Janet Parshall, American Essence Magazine, Charisma Magazine, Christianity Today and many others. Linda’s ministry has been the cover Story of The Indianapolis Star 5 times.

    She and her high school sweetheart, husband Steve, launched a Foundation, funding ministries around the globe. Steve and Linda attend Antioch Church in Indianapolis where they raised their 4 children. One of Linda’s greatest joys is being called “Honey” by her grandchildren.

    Linda & Steve adopted their 5th child, Abigail, in 2020. Abigail lived 1 week in the NICU before going to heaven.

    What others are saying:

    “Linda Znachko’s heart for the most vulnerable has shaped her entire mission on behalf of forgotten people. I have always been impressed by her passionate leadership in shining a necessary light on the inherent value of every human being. Hear her message and be challenged to action.”

    -John Brockman Crane, Senator, State of Indiana, District 24

    “Linda’s story will leave you breathless and her testimony will leave you changed. In a way that few can, Linda reaches the heart, challenges the mind, and inspires all of us to say “yes” to God’s call in our own lives.”

    -Brooke Martin, Founder of ‘More with Brooke Martin’

    “Linda Znachko inspires audiences to think about how they can say YES to God’s call to serve “the least of these” while she simultaneously imparts the heart of God for each woman in a way that heals them. Linda’s story is rare and dynamic; her message is holy and needs to be heard!”

    -Kimberly Krueger, Founder of the Fellowship of Extraordinary Women (FEW)


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  • Jordan Wootten

    Jordan Wootten

    TX, US

    Writer and Editor, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, RightNow Media


    Jordan Wootten is a writer and editor in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area who serves both at RightNow Media and the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. After spending more than a decade in the corporate world, Jordan sensed that he was being called to do something different, which led him back to school at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and eventually to his current work.

    Jordan is a board member at the LoveX2 Project, an organization seeking to make the world a better place for moms and babies, he’s the chairman of the ethics board in the city where he and his family live, and he’s an active member in the local church where he belongs. He’s married to his best friend Juliana, and they have three children.

    What others are saying:

    “If you want a speaker full of integrity, thoughtfulness, and kindness, Jordan Wootten is exactly who you’re looking for. Jordan is both knowledgeable and compassionate, and he’s as deep as he is wise. Speaking with him and hearing from him is a joy!”

    Sophie DeMuth, Publisher at RightNow Media

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  • Serena Dyksen

    Serena Dyksen

    IN, US

    Founder, She Found His Grace Abortion Recovery; Speaker and Author


    At the age of thirteen years old, Serena was raped, pregnant and taken to have an abortion. Abortion was supposed to be the answer after her trauma, but it instead tore her family apart and nearly destroyed her life. Terrible things happened behind the clinic doors. It was a terrible secret she buried for years that affected her marriage, how she parented her children and how she viewed God. At her lowest point of her life, her marriage almost ended, and she was numbing her pain with drugs and alcohol. She had an encounter that changed everything.

    She is the author of She Found His Grace, her life story of healing and finding God’s grace after abortion and sexual trauma. She has a heart for every to know that it is possible to find God’s grace after abortion.  Serena is also the Founder of She Found His Grace ministry and offer’s one on one pain to purpose healing coaching and has an online abortion regret and recovery healing community.

    You can find the healing group along with her new released book, She Found His Grace. You can get her book, She Found His Grace off Amazon and if you need healing after abortion go to Shefoundhisgrace.org

    What others are saying:

    Everyone needs to hear Serena’s story, not just pro lifers but anyone who cares about the impact abortion has.

    Eric Scheidler, Prolife Action

    Both a heart-wrenching and heart-warming account of a young girl and woman overcoming abortion, abuse, and near abandonment.

    Rev. Don Wilkerson, Co-founder of Teen Challenge

    My heart was captured by Serena Dyksen’s story from the very beginning. The challenges she faced were too much for one person to navigate. Pick up a copy today and let the revealing, compelling and captivating story of Serena’s surrender in “She Found His Grace,” restart your heart in those secret places you have locked away.

    Joni Lamb, Co-founder and President of Daystar Television Network

    View Bio: Serena Dyksen
  • Peter Heck

    Peter Heck

    IN, US

    Author and speaker


    Peter Heck is a nationally recognized speaker who serves as the lead opinion writer at the Babylon Bee/Not the Bee.

    His humorous, relentlessly energetic and engaging style has taken him around the country, allowing him to share the stage with notable figures like Vice President Mike Pence, Tim Tebow, Glenn Beck, Tim Hawkins, John Crist, Dr. Ben Carson, and Lou Holtz.

    A former radio host who was heard on over 200 stations, Peter’s work has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, as well as being published in the Washington Times, Washington Post, and USA Today.

    What others are saying:

    “Peter Heck is by far one of the best speakers we have had at the Care Net National Conference. He has led breakout sessions, served as a keynote speaker, and even emceed another event for us. He is incredibly talented, and will engage your audience in meaningful ways. He has consistently been one of our highest rated speakers by our attendees, and we always seek him out for speaking opportunities because he delivers every single time. You cannot go wrong by having Peter speak at your event. He is organized, asks meaningful questions, and insightful when it comes to delivering what the audience truly needs. I would highly recommend him for any speaking opportunity.”

    Kay Sanford, Conference Director



    View Bio: Peter Heck
  • Angela Minter

    Angela Minter

    KY, US

    President & Co-Founder of Sisters For Life


    The president and co-founder of Sisters For Life, Inc, Angela Minter is a champion for pre-born babies, their families, and the sanctity of life! She has dedicated her life to awaken, train and mobilize, the whole church, particularly the historically black church, to end abortion in the community.

    Angela strives daily to see families restored, change teenagers’ and young adults’ trajectory, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and achieve a Kingdom first, Christ-centered culture change that glorifies God!!! She resides in Louisville, KY, with her high school sweetheart and husband of 37 years, Parnell Minter.

    After losing two children through abortion (Summers Justice and Judah Star), God showed them mercy and blessed them with three more outstanding children, Ryan Whitney, Parnell O’brey, and Isiah Jasper Minter. Angela and Parnell live with gratitude for the six beautiful grandchildren and a precious daughter in love and son in love.

    Angela Minter is an inspired, driven, widely sought after speaker and compassionate voice for the voiceless and is moved to speak and act by the Word of God, which says in Proverbs 31: 8 & 9: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.”

    View Bio: Angela Minter
  • Sheila Harper

    Sheila Harper

    TN, US

    Founder and President of SaveOne


    Sheila Harper is the Founder and President of SaveOne, a global outreach ministry helping men, women, and families recover after abortion. She holds a Master’s degree in biblical counseling, is a certified mental health coach with the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is the author of 10 books.

    Her first book, SaveOne-A Guide to Emotional Healing after Abortion, has been translated and distributed in 23 languages.  SaveOne currently has 400 chapters in 28 nations. Sheila has traveled the world speaking on the topic of abortion recovery as well as training abortion recovery leaders.

    She has been featured in many magazines and articles about her work in the abortion recovery field and has appeared on The 700 Club, Ministry NOW with Joni and Marcus Lamb, Table Talk with Joni and friends on Daystar TV, and most recently had the great honor of being named one of “Huck’s Heroes” on The Mike Huckabee Show.

    Sheila and her husband Jack planted Crossroads Church and pastored there for 11 years before working together at SaveOne. After enduring seven years of personal anguish over choosing abortion, she found restoration and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Sheila has two awesome sons and a brand new daughter-in-law.

    Jack and Sheila live in Nashville, TN. Sheila is a lover of all things baseball, anything to do with Elvis, and all of it has to revolve around good coffee. You can order the books, or find a chapter near you at www.saveone.org

    What others are saying:

    “We were blessed to have Sheila Harper of SaveOne as our Celebrate Life Banquet speaker. Sheila engages the audience from the start with her loving personality and her willingness to share from her heart. She gave a timely message on the importance of the church and pro-life groups working together to end abortion. Her passion for Abortion Recovery for men and women is compelling and based on biblical truths. Her personal testimony inspired those in attendance to support our cause at GATE Pregnancy Resource Center. This was our best fundraising banquet to date. I highly recommend Sheila Harper of SaveOne to speak at your event.”

    Mary Fainn, Executive Director GATE PRC, Harrisburg, NC


    View Bio: Sheila Harper

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