Something big just happened underscoring how our culture is adrift. 

It’s absolutely no secret that many who advocated for unrestricted abortion have viewed abortion pills as somewhat of a magic bullet, for a variety of reasons, including privacy, the convenience of mail order, the contrast to procedures like late-term surgical abortions that turn off the majority of respondents in every poll.  Taking a few pills is different, or at least it’s marketed that way, and so making abortions drugs more widely available is at the forefront of the abortion debate in 2023 – in a big-time way.

Om January 3, the FDA announced a sweeping change designed to make it more convenient to end the life of an unborn child than at any other time in all of human history.  Stop.  Let’s make sure that sinks in.  With the full sanction of the United States government, it will now be more convenient to end the life of an unborn child than at any other time in all of human history.

Here’s what just happened.  The FDA has changed the rules in how a prominent abortion drug can be obtained.  Up until now, the drug could only be dispensed at certain facilities under medical supervision, a polite way of saying through abortion businesses.  Now, any in-person requirement to get the drug is eliminated, opening the way for retail pharmacies to make this abortion drug available at the pharmacy or to have it sent in the mail.

The FDA has just opened the door for every pharmacy retailer in the nation, unless restricted by state laws, to sell drugs intended for the purpose of killing a human being.  One person is in line at your local pharmacy get the latest Covid jab, another is there to pick up acne medication, and another is there to get the heartburn meds, and yet another to pick up the drugs necessary to kill a human life.

What’s wrong with the picture?  Shouldn’t we expect a pharmacy to be a place to find healing, not to buy drugs that kill?

This is a generational dream come true for abortion supporters. Here’s a quote from Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson: “Being able to access your prescribed medication abortion through the mail, or to pick it up in person from a pharmacy like any other prescription is a game changer for people trying to access basic health care.”

Wow.  That’s an absolute case statement in Orwellianism.  And here we are.  America.  2023.  Killing a human life is called basic health care. Killing a human life is easy as walking to your mailbox or pulling into the pharmacy drive thru window.

We’re not even touching on how dangerous this will be for women.  Let’s just go there – safety for pregnant mothers is not a component of this process, it’s all abortion bringing abortion to every nook and cranny, to saturate our culture with its presence, and it’s still not enough.  Next phase will be taking it from behind the counter and putting in on the main aisle.

Let’s just start asking – who will protect the rights of pharmacists, pharmacy employees, postal workers, home delivery workers, and hundreds of others types of workers who conscientiously object to abortion? 

And back to the postal workers – on the same day the new FDA rule dropped, the US Department of Justice issued its opinion that cleared the way for the US Postal Service to deliver abortion drugs in the mail, even into states that prohibit it by law. Let’s imagine you’re the postal worker charged with delivering an abortion drug, but you’re pro-life.  Who is protecting your right of conscience?

It took less than a few hours for big retailers like CVS and Walgreens to announce they would begin ramping up operations for making abortion drugs available at their stores in states that allow it.

It’s big money. And the only way this happens is if our culture is willing to accept it.

Here’s a discussion starter for conversations with your friends, family and colleagues. If we believe the bible is true and God created life in His image, are we OK with human life being erased with a pill from a local pharmacy? Pray about starting those discussions today.