Let’s say that we take the challenge to pray seriously – how might that revolutionize the pro-life movement as a whole? What type of difference would it really make in our world?

Our eternal perspective will change. Nothing gives us a sharper focus and a clearer motivation to protect life than looking through the lens of an eternal focus. This can be tough, really tough, especially when facing serious setbacks that seem to be crippling in the short term. If our vision stays focused on what is directly in front of us today, we may be attempted to sink into discouragement or to just give up and walk away. But knowing that our calling bears eternal significance opens up a whole new dimension in our hearts. Nothing connects us to the eternal perspective like active, vibrant prayer.

Our compassion will bloom. When our hearts grow more in line with Jesus, we’ll drop our stones of judgement and exhibit real compassion for moms and babies, no matter what.

Our Christ-likeness will grow. Every person serving in the life movement should strive for Christ-likeness in everything that is done. Likewise, anyone who thinks we can check Christ-likeness at the door and adopt abrasive and degrading tactics is sadly mistaken. An active, valid prayer focus connects us to the heart of God, and if we’re willing to listen, will teach us to walk in the ways of Jesus.

Our hearts will seek repentance. Like it or not, not one us is perfect. We’ve all messed up. And so has our nation. The Bible is jammed full of calls for individuals and nations to repent for wickedness, to seek His forgiveness, and to call for His blessing. Everyone likes the call for a blessing part. It’s the other stuff that makes us uncomfortable. That’s because it should make us uncomfortable. Over 53 million unborn children have died from abortion in America. Are we seeking a repentant heart change for the soul of our nation? Repentance and revival may be old-fashioned terms in America today, but it has played major roles in her past greatness and may still do so in the days to come if we are earnest in seeking such days in our prayers.

It will change hearts and minds. We talk a lot about changing hearts and minds, and we do our best to use mass media, literature, or persuasive words to help accomplish these goals. Nothing wrong with that. But these are mere tools for helping to effect a spiritual change. How many more women would choose life instead of abortion if millions of us in the pro-life movement took seriously a call to pray for women and children? How many persons working in the abortion industry today might walk away from their jobs tomorrow if millions pleaded with God to miraculously touch their hearts and open their eyes.

Our prayer for leaders will abound. We must pray for our leaders. The ones we agree with, and the ones that we don’t. That doesn’t mean that we will vote for them. But it does mean that we take seriously the Biblical command to pray for all of those in authority. The Bible tells us that the heart of the king is in the hand of God to turn as He sees fit. In our culture that would include the President of the United States and everyone else on down the line.

Prayer is revolutionary. Not as a means for winning or losing in the political sense, but in terms of aligning our hearts with the heart of God.