NASHVILLE, TN, May 30, 2023 – Today, the LoveX2 Project is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking speakers bureau that will redefine the way pro-life organizations connect with exceptional pro-life speakers for a variety of events. With a commitment to simplifying the process of finding the right speaker at the right price, the LoveX2 Project aims to foster connections to speakers who will inspire, educate, and motivate audiences in a variety of settings.

The LoveX2 Project Speakers Bureau brings together a curated roster of remarkable individuals who have made significant contributions in pro-life work, ranging from abortion healing and social commentary to care for babies abandoned to die.  Our diverse lineup of speakers includes visionaries, thought-provokers, and change-makers who have achieved extraordinary success and are ready to share their insights and stories with the world.

“Our goal for the LoveX2 Project Speakers Bureau is to facilitate meaningful connections between pro-life speakers and organizations in need of quality speakers at a budget-friendly cost,” said Mike Fichter, founder and president of the LoveX2 Project.  “We believe in the transformative power of live presentations and the ability of a well-delivered message to create lasting impact. Through our new speakers bureau, we aim to assist in creating experiences that ignite change, foster innovation, and spark new ideas.”

The LoveX2 Project Speakers Bureau is built on the simple process of providing event organizers with a direct connection to recommended pro-life speakers.  If there is a good fit, speakers will work directly with host organizations to make arrangements.  Each speaker participating in the LoveX2 Project’s Speakers Bureau will donate 10% of honorariums back to the LoveX2 Project.

“Our speakers are more than just captivating storytellers – they are catalysts for growth and change. Each speaker in our portfolio brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and unique perspectives, making them ideal partners for fundraising dinners, conferences, workshops, and other gatherings,” added Fichter.   “Whether you’re looking for inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops, panel discussions, a church presentation or more, the LoveX2 Project Speakers Bureau will do our best connect you with the perfect speaker who can captivate, engage, and motivate your audience. If we don’t have a good fit, we’ll gladly make referrals to other speaker sources to explore.”

The LoveX2 Project Speakers Bureau’s online platform provides a seamless experience, allowing clients to explore speaker profiles, review testimonials, and request information directly through the website.

To celebrate the launch of the LoveX2 Project Speakers Bureau, the LoveX2 podcast, heard on Apple Podcasts, will be featuring a series of exclusive podcast interviews featuring their esteemed speakers. These interviews will serve as a platform for getting to know more about LoveX2 Project speakers.

For more information about LoveX2 Project Speakers Bureau and to browse the impressive lineup of speakers, please visit

About the LoveX2 Project:

The LoveX2 Project is a national pro-life effort to make the world a better place for moms and babies, including unborn babies, by winning hearts and minds. We believe the primary way this can be accomplished is by persuasively presenting our world with the biblical basis for the value of every human life, and by sharing the life-changing love and grace of Jesus.