Introducing the LoveX2 Project Speakers Bureau

NASHVILLE, TN, May 30, 2023 – Today, the LoveX2 Project is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking speakers bureau that will redefine the way pro-life organizations connect with exceptional pro-life speakers for a variety of events. With a commitment to simplifying the process of finding the right speaker at the right price,

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Unpacking The Marist Poll

A 2023 Marist Poll is revealing key insights into Americans’ opinions on abortion six months after the June 2022 Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling.  Key takeaways include the highest percentage of respondents identifying as “pro-choice” (61% vs. 39% pro-life) in the poll than in any other year since 2009. 

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Something Big

Something big just happened underscoring how our culture is adrift. 

It’s absolutely no secret that many who advocated for unrestricted abortion have viewed abortion pills as somewhat of a magic bullet, for a variety of reasons, including privacy, the convenience of mail order, the contrast to procedures like late-term surgical abortions that turn off the majority of respondents in every poll. 

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Thinking It Through

One of the things I’d really challenge you to do in the New Year is to think more deeply about abortion in the context of what does it reveal about where our culture is at right now.  What is it saying about where hearts and minds are at?  How are we to react to these realities? 

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the upstream shift

Now is not the time to obsess about 2024. Now is the time to pray, to understand the world around us, and to look for where God is already at work. And then be right in the center of it, on the upstream side.

invest your life

Maybe it’s the fact that I am rapidly approaching another birthday that life seems to be taking on a bit more urgency.  Not just from a time perspective, but a legacy perspective as well.  These thoughts were triggered to an even greater degree as I read a review of a new book authored by the daughter of a famous CEO in which she reveals a cold and cruel side of her dad the world never knew. 

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far from over

Now that Roe is reversed, we’re finding out very quickly where the culture is at on the issue of abortion. In contrast to popular perception that the Roe reversal ended abortion, the reality is that America is in a new era of division, litigation, activism, regulations, and referendums. The Supreme Court did not end abortion,

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three things to consider post-Roe

Leading up to the Supreme Court ruling I have to admit my husband and I grew weary of the repeated rhetoric. People screaming at each other. The signs. The shouts. The constant barrage of men and women trying to condition us to believe a certain way. The conditioning grew old and tiresome.

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one book to read

There are about as many leadership books as there are grains of sand on the beach, but if you want to skip the line and go straight to the top of the list, there is one book that excels above all others. It’s called the book of Proverbs, and you’ll find it tucked away near the middle of the bible just after the better-known Psalms.

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creative destruction

Unless you’re an economics major, chances are that you’ve never heard the term “creative destruction”.
The term originated in the 1940s by economist Joseph Schumpeter, who described it as the “process of
industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly
destroying the old one,

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from a forgiven friend

Dear Friend,

You don’t know me, but I know you because of the challenge you are facing.

Many years ago, I was confronted not once but twice with your similar circumstance… an untimely, possibly irresponsible or unwanted pregnancy. Back then, in the 70’s, it truly was considered a non-issue morally and ethically.

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in the aftermath of abortion

Today, if you are struggling in the aftermath of an abortion, there is good news.

Today, if you are struggling with guilt over paying for an abortion, or coercing a woman to have an abortion, or encouraging an abortion decision, there is good news.

Today, if you are wondering if you can really walk away from a job that you know is leading to the 

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pray like a revolutionary

Let’s say that we take the challenge to pray seriously – how might that revolutionize the pro-life movement as a whole? What type of difference would it really make in our world?

Our eternal perspective will change. Nothing gives us a sharper focus and a clearer motivation to protect life than looking through the lens of an eternal focus.

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A Christmas message for misfits

I admit it – I’m a big fan of the old animated Christmas specials that once, long ago, marked what seemed to be the real beginning of the Christmas season.  Shows like the Little Drummer Boy, the Littlest Angel, Small One, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, the Cricket On The Hearth, and of course – the ever-tragic,

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a vertical view of the war

Yesterday I sat in the lobby of a professional office just feet from a massive flat screen tuned to a
program I have never watched in my life. The show’s name, its participants, and the topics discussed
are unimportant. What is important to note is the level of crude and disrespectful commentary that
spewed forth at a volume easily projected to every corner of this rather large space.

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a baby’s eyes

Researchers at Lancaster University in the UK recently released the results of a study on the visual
development of babies in the womb. What they found is that unborn babies at 34 weeks are like newborn babies in preferring face like stimuli. The research team used a light source to project a
pattern of three dots in the shape of eyes and a mouth through the uterine wall and measured the
way the baby responded using ultrasound.

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