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Change the Culture
and the Politics Will Follow.

What is the LoveX2 Project About?

The LoveX2 Project is collaborative pro-life effort to make the world a better place for moms and babies, including unborn babies, by winning hearts and minds. We believe the primary way this can be accomplished is by persuasively presenting our world with the biblical basis for the value of every human life, and by sharing the life-changing love and grace of Jesus.

Culture – defined as a reflection of the hearts and minds of the people – is always upstream from politics. Change the culture, and the politics will follow. This is why our focus is upstream.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the traditional pro-life movement places primary emphasis on winning political battles, with hopes that government and the courts will be the solution to problems of the heart.

Government has its proper place, but it will never be the final answer to the world’s problems.

We focus on winning both the heart and the mind, because this dual approach is necessary in producing real change. Great marketing can undoubtedly change the mind, such as persuading consumers to try new products or support community initiatives, but true heart change can only come through new life found in Jesus.

The LoveX2 Project is nonpolitical. We don’t endorse candidates, push for legislation, or advocate for political parties. We do foster discussion on policy topics as they relate to cultural perspectives and trends, because we believe it’s important for all of us to understand the world around us.

Our hope is to ignite discussion, and develop new strategies, for how we might better show love and compassionate for pregnant mothers, protect the lives of unborn children, and encourage pursuit of the abundant life found in Christ. Success will be found not in one organization attempting to launch more programs, but in inspiring a movement of the heart that spills over into actions worldwide.

We believe in showing love and compassion for all who have experienced the pain and regret of abortion. Throwing stones is not the answer. Forgiveness found in Jesus is.

Finally, we believe harsh commentary, angry actions, and abrasive strategies are unhelpful in winning hearts and minds. The world sees enough of this on a daily basis, and it is repelling to them.

The LoveX2 Project is a new way forward in protecting life.

Join us in the journey.